StaxPax Toy Concept

Designing and concepting a customizable fort product

With a friend, we prototyped and created a toy product for fort building. On top of creating the toy, we explored various branding possibilities, and created a cast of characters to accompany.
StaxPax involved foam blocks that could be compressed very small in vacuum bags, and then expand to much larger sizes once removed. This would allow for building large forts while still being able to store them in a compact area.
Different materials and coverings were explored with StaxPax, as well as branding possibilities.
We ventured into creating ball characters to accompany different themes and textures that the forts could be styled to. My friend imagined and drew the characters and I mocked them up in Illustrator and then made 3D in Modo.
We began to approach a website design that could allow consumers to design, upload, and even sell their different StaxPax textures.