The Henry Ford

Enabling a historical institution to be a digital publisher

I worked on the updated website and digital collections for The Henry Ford throughout most of 2014 and 2015 while at Perficient Digital (formerly Enlighten). We spent 3 months concepting and prototyping tools for their new Digital Content Engine. This would serve as a home for more than 40,000 shareable Artifact Cards. The Digital Content Engine was the core of the new, adding a fresh and responsive look to the museum's homepage.
To demonstrate the concept of the Artifact Cards, we created a video showing the possibilities of embedding artifacts across different areas on the web. I was responsible for the structure, animation, and timing.
As part of the Digital Content Engine, "Connect3" stories were created as a weekly video that showed the unexpected connections between different artifacts in the museum. The introduction was created in Modo and edited in After Effects.
Throughout the initial prototyping phase, we explored many global nav approaches. The navigation needed to hold information about multiple attractions at The Henry Ford, and there was a strong desire to use image blocks for quick familiarity to out of state visitors. This navigation explored having a swipe-able overlay so as to minimize page real estate, but then use the maximum amount of space once needed.
We began the process of a mobile app for an in-museum experience. Above is the concept video, exploring mobile ticket purchasing, artifact finding, and guided tours.